Introducing our new intern and collection

Ashley Hartwell recently joined our Archives & Manuscripts Department as an intern for the Fall 2013 semester.  Ashley is obtaining her Masters of Larchive-ashleyibrary and Information Science degree here at UH, and anticipates graduating this December.  She first became interested in archives while taking Introduction to Archival Management, taught in part by our head archivist, Dainan Skeem.  Her interest lead her to focus her studies on archives, and lead the Student Chapter of the Society of American Archivists for one year.  Prior to starting her graduate studies, Ashley served as an active duty officer in the United States Army for almost ten years; she continues to serve by working part-time in the Hawaii National Guard now.  Her military experience has already proven to be an asset to our department’s numerous military collections, which she has eagerly delved into.

Ashley has begun processing the Kintaro Hamashige Collection, a collection donated by the Hamashige family consisting largely of programs, newsletters, and pamphlets from the many Japanese American veterans associations that Mr. Kintaro Hamashige belongs to.  Mr. Hamashige was raised on Oahu, and after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, volunteered to serve in the United States Army’s Military Intelligence Service as a Japanese interpreter.  Many of the professional organizations that Mr. Hamashige has participated in over the years have advocated strongly for recognition of Japanese American contributions during WWII, as well as recompense for the Japanese internment during that time.  One of the most fascinating aspects of the new Collection is the many black and white photographs that Mr. Hamashige brought back from his time as a young Solider in Japan immediately after the signing of the surrender documents.Hamashige


2 thoughts on “Introducing our new intern and collection

  1. Hello Ashley! I’m Tona, Kintaro’s daughter! Finding this post & discovering the work you’re doing archiving my father’s history means the world to me! My Dad is now blind & in home hospice care, but this news will no doubt make him very happy! It’s an honor & a privilege to know that his memories will live on in with your help.
    When he sent away so many of his war memories, I admit, I was upset, as I never ceased to enjoy looking at the photographs & would think about his experiences during WWII. I also had no idea what would happen to all the information he decided to donate, worrying that it would all just get stuffed into a file somewhere & be forgotten.. I feel grateful & am honored that his memory will be there for others to learn from. He & others received their Congressional Gold Medals in Nov 2011 in Washington DC. 66 years late, but the veterans who were still alive felt glad to be recognized despite the time it took.
    I’m available anytime you’d like to correspond or talk to me about my Dad & our family!
    Thanx again- reading this has made my day! Can’t WAIT to tell “Pops” tomorrow!!!
    Best wishes & fondest Aloha-
    Tona Hamashige…cell # 718.614.0007
    2276 Flatbush Avenue, Apt 2
    Brooklyn NY 11234

    • Hi Tona. I’m Dainan Skeem, the archivist in charge of the Japanese American Veterans Collection here at UH Mānoa. Ashley finished her internship in December, arranging and describing your father’s papers. She was a great help to us. I’m so very happy that you found our blog and was able to read about Ashley’s work on your father’s papers. I’ll pass your message on to her. I want to thank you and your family for allowing your father’s papers to be preserved in our collection. If you ever get a chance to come to Honolulu, please come visit us!

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