Archives staff member publishes article on the Hawaii War Records Depository


Jack Kormos of the Archives & Manuscripts Department recently published an article in the Society of American Archivists newsletter about one of the Archives’ most prized collections – the Hawaii War Records Depository. You can view the article here:

The Hawaii War Records Depository collection was created after World War II began in order to document the special role that Hawaii was playing in that war. University administration saw the need to preserve records that told the story of wartime life in the Islands, in part so that University faculty could use the materials to research and write publications about the part that Hawaii played in the war.

As a result, archives staff were hired to begin soliciting materials from government agencies, businesses, and the general public. Collecting went on for several years, and eventually the collection grew to over 250 linear feet of materials, from diaries, to student posters, to state agency reports, to photographs of peoples’ experiences during the war. The project eventually ran out of funding and its staff subsequently disbanded, but the resulting collection remains one of the most heavily-used resources in the Archives to this day.



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